Mister Vogue

The British Vogue has announced Edward Enninful as the editor who will take the place of the great Alexandra Shulman in August. The appointment of the first black male in this position will leave a mark as one of the historical moments for the fashion magazine.

The major British newspapers covered the exclusive news from different angles:

Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council, told the BBC: “Anything that promotes diversity and gender equality in the industry is incredibly important, but there’s no doubt that Edward’s been appointed because of his talent.”

Other experts in the fashion field and celebrities congratulated the new editor of the British Vogue through their social media accounts:

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It is something like a cliché for a woman to work in a ‘man’s world’ or with other
words – to do the things  that the society tells that she can’t only because ‘she’ is woman.. Well, in this case, Edward is the man in a ‘woman’s world’ and hopefully he will get the best of it by breaking the stereotype.

Jobs dominated by women:

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And the jobs dominated by men:


Enninful and Shulman couldn’t be more different, not least because he is an image-maker and she is a features writer and novelist. Under Shulman, Vogue’s tone was also defined by the fashionable West London neighbourhoods that are the homeland of British Vogue — the Notting Hill set and Portobello trawlers, Mayfair nightclubbing and Knightsbridge boutiques; second-home country houses and holidays in Mustique. However, as London itself changed and expanded so did the magazine’s outlook, turning further afield — to East and South London, for example — and one can only imagine that it will continue to do so under Enninful’s lead, reflecting more of the city’s cultural diversity.


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