Obesity VS. Healthy lifestyle

We are living in a world that provides access to all types of food, but having everything is not always the best option, especially when it can danger your health. Have you ever wondered, what can you do to protect your body from many horrible diseases? The answer is right in front of you – change your lifestyle. Step by step, changing just a small part from your daily routine, you are making a major difference for your future self.


People all over the world joined the ‘food revolution’ which was developed by the famous chef – Jamie Oliver. With his incredible talent in the kitchen, he decided to give to the people more than just a peek of his cooking skills. This ‘revolution’ involves schools and restaurant united to change the nourishing habits of many children and teenagers. By doing that he provided the institutions a new vision of what the food dynamic should look. Starting with the youngest generations, he creates a new future for them, because raised in a healthier way, those minds not only start to be more productive and creative, but they are becoming aware of how important is to eat clean and to protect your body.

If you are interested in his work you can read more here.


It is really important to eat clean but do not restrict yourself from some types of foods, because ‘the forbidden is always desired’.  Spend time on you and your health, appreaciate it and put an effort to support it. Make time for some daily exercises, prepare something delicious and observe how constantly your mood and life in general will improve.




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