Development Plan

Professional Development Plan

Analysis of Publications and the Journalist I Admire the most:


Ever since I was a little girl, I was more than obsessed with fashion and everything that has a touch to it. I have always dreamed to work in a famous magazine, meeting my role models and being a part of the whole magical process. And today this may actually be possible. I want to write for a fashion magazine like Vogue, probably I am not the only one, but it is almost every girl’s dream. The so-called “Fashion Bible” is not only concerned about fashion, it provides interviews with different celebrities, talking about their lifestyle and giving different points of view about a variety of topics. In a magazine such as Vogue, I imagine that there would be a competitive environment, which will bring the most creative part of me. Being surrounded by people who helped in the development of the magazine would inspire me to be better and to put more and more effort in my work. Nevertheless, most of the people dream to meet famous actors or singers, as for me, my dream is to meet Anna Wintour. She is the chief-editor, and one of the most influential figures worldwide when it comes to fashion.


But on the other side, I admire a journalist, who is the exact opposite of the fashion journalism. His name is Martin Karbovski and he is a Bulgarian journalist, who first arouse my interest 6 years ago. He is one of the biggest representatives of the journalism in Bulgaria, he is famous with his books and his show named “The home front”, where he presents the reality in our country, using the cynical and hurtful truth.

The show provides films that relate stories about the injustice to the poor people, or to the ones who have less. Martin Karbovski exposes the ugliness of the government and the big monopolists that treat the good humans like trash or simply do not take care of the ones that need it the most. His journalism makes you feel the pain of the misery, those people are living in. Without mentioning many details, he is not only capable of grabbing every person`s interest, but he creates an audience that wants to help and support these beautiful souls.

It is difficult to pick a story, because most of them are scattered in different spheres, but the one that got my interest six years ago, was “ the Kuzov’s case”. This was a police case where a girl claimed that she was raped by a Member of the parliament, but he got away with it, saying that he doesn’t even know the girl. After the family of this girl reached to Mr. Karbowski, he started his own investigation, where he faced a lot of trouble for exposing personal facts for the defendant – Vladimir Kuzov. As a politician and a person with a big influence, Vladimir almost got away again, but Martin Karbovski did not stop digging into this story, showing facts and gaps into the alibi of Kuzov. In the end, Vladimir Kuzov was arrested and sent to prison, after the evidence that was presented by Karbovski.

This is my inspiration, to see how a person is 100% devoted to his purpose. Martin Karbovski may be brutal, showing every ugly part of his investigation, without adding sugared words or actions, but he is one of the most motivational journalists I have ever seen. I want to be real in my experience as a journalist, I refuse to throw dust in someone’s eyes just to protect them from the hurtful truth. In this world, people need to learn that everything is not a pink and even if someone’s life works perfectly for them, there are many people that do not even know how to handle the rawness that comes down to them every single day.

The type of journalist I would like to become:

My mind is filled with a curiosity and that is why it is so difficult for me to choose if I should follow my heart, which beats for a career at a fashion magazine or my mind that craves always to know everything.

Working for the service journalism and entertainment, as a fashion journalist would most certainly fill my life with enough passion and beauty. I would like to work for a fashion magazine, but not with strict work hours that involve attendance in the office from 9 to 5. I want to be outside, getting interviews, meeting new people and feeling the dynamic of every day in the journalism sphere. However, I wouldn’t mind being in an office for some time, having a team that would support my decisions or would criticize them if they are wrong. But as I said, I prefer to spend most of the time outside of closed spaces.

But the other longing I have is working in a more investigative sphere. Imagining myself working as a journalist for a magazine, which demands a work that involves researches of information for widely discussed situations, I would like to do it not behind a desk, only writing reports, but actually being in the action area. Getting to know new facts, unknown until now, would most probably give satisfaction to my everyday’s routine.

I know that my career plan may seem a little bit mixed-up, but my point of view will change for the next few years and that its why I am more than sure that after I gain more experience as a journalism student, I would be capable to chose the best option for me and my future.

To be honest, maybe I am a little bit scared to decide because this one specific thing would probably define my whole life career and I am not sure if I want to deal with only one type of journalism forever. However, I think that a journalism career would be the perfect adventure for me, not only because it would provide the perfect creative field for my soul and mind, but I believe that many opportunities would open to me.

I can’t wait to see the diversity this work would provide, such as knowledge about the different trends, culture., people and etc.

According to a theory, provided by Matt Thompson, there are four types of journalists. Furthermore, as I stated above, I like to investigate and find new unknown things, that is why I identify myself as a ‘newshound’. But the storyteller type is something I would like to develop because I think it is important for every writer to be capable of making “broccoli taste like s’mores”. It is powerful to know that you can turn even the most boring and ‘grey’ things into something that wakes someone’s curiosity up.

The things I need to do to become that kind of Journalist:

To become this kind of journalist, first I would need to acquire more confidence when talking to new people and especially for the times I would have to take interviews. Furthermore, as a person who is not exactly sure which kind of journalist I would like to become, I would mix the two spheres. If I work at the fashion one, I would like to develop tenacity when I would be in competitive or under pressure situations. For this thing, the University would help a lot, because I learn how to get my job done before the deadlines. For a career that includes investigations, I would have to be extraordinary. Not by looking at the things as they appear, but to dig deeper and deeper until I am capable of showing a real difference in something that most of the people have already built a perception. Last but not least, I would have to consume more news that involves, not only the spheres I am interested in, but those that I would never look at.

My Media Diet:

Twitter accounts of key people:

  • Anna Wintour (@voguemagazine)  The chief editor of Vogue
  • Lucinda Chambers (@LucindaChambers) – Vogue UK fashion director
  • Ray Siegel (@RaySiegel) –  Online Editor of CR Fashion Book
  • Jane Keltner deValle – (@JaneKeltnerdev) – Fashion news director at Glamour
  • Martin Karbovski (@martinkarbowski) – The Bulgarian journalist I admire
  • Business of Fashion (@BoF) – Breaking news concerning the fashion industry
  • Jo Elvin (@Jo_Elvin) – Editor at Glamour
  • Gia Kashyap (@Giasaysthat) – Blogger obsessed with fashion
  • Natasha Pearlman (@NatashaGrazia) – Editor at Grazia magazine
  • Alexandra Shulman (@AShulman2) – The Chief Editor of UK Vogue
  • Harper’s Bazaar (@harpersbazaarus)
  • Chiara Ferragni (@ChiaraFerragni) – Fashion icon and designer
  • Alina Ceusan (@AlinaCeusan1) – Fashion Blogger
  • Paul Bradshaw (@paulbradshaw) – Journalist and investigative reporter
  • Eva Constantaras (@EvaConstantaras) – An investigative data journalist
  • Max Galka (@galka_max) –  He uses data to model natural disasters and human life expectancy

Publications I should be reading

  1. Vogue
  2. Teen Vogue
  3. Elle
  4. Marie Claire
  5. Harper’s Bazaar

Option Choices

For the 2nd year, I think that I would like to discover new fashion prospects by studying the Specialist Journalism module, which includes Fashion Journalism. As someone who’s choices are not exactly clear about his future career, I believe that the more I learn, the more I would be capable of making the best decision. By observing what the Fashion Journalism really is, I would decide whether I want to work in this sphere or not. The other modules I liked are the Creating Modern Magazines and Researching Media and Communication, those modules sound more than interesting and by studying them I am sure that I would develop enough creativity and clarity.

For the 3rd year, my choice in the Specialist Journalism module is the  Arts and Entertainment Journalism, which I believe it would be useful, not only for my journalism career but for the biggest challenge of Uni, the Dissertation.

Work Placements:

My Work Placement options may seem a little bit unrealistic, but if I work hard enough and believe in myself I think I am capable of reaching my goals.

  1. Closer Magazine – It would provide for me the experience I need in interviewing celebrities and observing their lifestyle
  •          Email:

2. Vogue – Working for Vogue would be like a dream came true, but before working or even apply for a job there, I want to gain experience from different fashion magazines like Glamour or Closer, just to be perfectly prepared for this one.


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