How does the social media become more realistic than the reality itself?

Nowdays from the moment we open are eyes in the morning, we are being absorbed by the media stream. Media not only steal one’s time, but it also deviates one’s perception of the real world. By creating this fiction world, people started to compare their lifestyle, goals, relationships and etc., only to prove to themselves that they are better than the person standing on the other side of the web. Moreover, people are focusing more on somebody else’s life, than on their own, which leads to indignation, depression, and countless disappointments.

The inspiration to write an essay about the perception of the social media came after I read an article about a girl named Essena O’Neill who is a blogger who recently shared her experience about the truth behind the social media. She is an eighteen-year-old model, who was one of the most influential people on the Internet. However, one day out of nowhere, she deleted every social media account and pictures she had. After a while, she explained to her fans that the social environment absolutely changed her way of thinking, and the person she is to become is not the one she desires to be. Furthermore, at the beginning, she was happy to receive free products, clothes and even tickets for different destinations, and all she had to do was to promote the things she was asked for. But that turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of her life. After receiving many death threats from ‘haters’, she realized that she is part of someone else’s life but not her own. Before deleting everything, she edited the captions under her photos, revealing the truth behind them. She was brave enough to expose the exploitation of the big companies, who wanted to impose standards concerning only the skinny and beautiful girls, without even thinking about the others.

Essena lost herself in the attempt to please the social media’s audience and it cost her many mental breakdowns. Yet, the worst part of it was when she no longer felt as an inspiration for the young girls, on the contrary, she felt like she was ruining their lives by advertising fake and superficial lifestyle, which many of them would most probably try to follow.


Yet the society has the wrong idea if they think that all of the things exposed on the web are real. Furthermore, there is something wrong with the people who try to look happy and successful, while in reality,  they starve for respect or even worse –  seeking for attention. The young generation is aspired to be like the famous faces, that pretend to be carefree, even though that some of them are drug addicts or low educated, depending only on a fake advertisement. Nowadays is so hard to set a worthy goal in life when most of the presented ‘role’ models did not even work hard to become what they are today. By showing how good their life is, covered in luxury and glam, they make people believe that this could be their reality if they rely only on the superficial things. Moreover, the social media replaced the women’s natural beauty with a representation of vulgarity and naked bodies.

On the one side, while looking at someone’s post, the society obtain an idea what this person’s life is like. On the other side, behind all of the fanciness and the pretence, the truth is hidden, which many tend to ignore or simply do not see, that is why most of them are susceptible to judge the book by its cover. Countless generations are and would be drawn into this rotten notion called life if they are unwilling to change their perception concerning the media. It should be used for entertaining, not to demolish someone’s perspectives because of the settled standards.

In conclusion, I think that even I am part of this bewitched circulation. Lately, I observed my media actions and realized that wherever I go, I take a picture of myself or of the surrounding area, not to keep it as a memory, but to post in online only to show off to my friends and to my followers in my social accounts. But, after reading about the Essena O’Neill’s experience, I started to look at the things from a whole different point of view. The things that matter are not in the perception of the others about you, what is important is the reality that lives inside of you, this beautiful world that even the social media cannot have the power to take.






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