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Media Monitoring 3

Is there a chance to appear a second threat for the Tesco Bank’s users?

Last weekend, the Tesco Bank underwent a cyber-attack and lost more than 2.5m pounds, which they refunded to their customers.

Appeared that the users of the bank are afraid that it may be further attacks over the Tesco Bank.
The official online safety group of the UK, warned that the fraudsters may try to steal again from the bank’s accounts, one of the reasons is that the identities of the thefts still remains a mystery.

Other organization such as “Get Safe” alerted that the customers may receive suspicious phone calls, emails and other notifications from the frauds, presenting themselves as the Tesco Bank. They will ask for a personal information and it may be possible to ask you for your full PIN code, which the team of the Tesco Bank would never ask you for.


The Sun – Reported a small information, including the main points of the development of the story, and released some opinions from a different organization that fight against frauds.

The Telegraph – They provided a well-structured article, at first they wrote about the background information, and after that focused on the warnings about further attacks. They included an interview with Katy Worobec, the director of ‘Financial Fraud Action UK’, which comment that the users are still at risk and gave advice for the bank’s users in order to protect themselves from a second threat. Another thing is that The Telegraph pointed out the case of Matthew Martin, who was one of the victims of the cyber attack. They presented his point of view as an affected user and attached some tweets concerning the situation.

The Guardian – Had a more business concerning approach, provided statistics and professional opinions about the loss of the bank and as the other newspapers included advice how everyone can protect their account from further attack.

The Mail Online – Reported information regarding other cyber-attack that happened a few months ago to Yahoo. After showing a different perspective with this case, they backed up their story with some “hacks” to protect your account.


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