Media Monitoring Assessment

Media Monitoring 2 – Story Development


The cyber-attack over the Tesco Bank has been under investigation for more than 4 days. Which led to a reveal made by the chief executive Benny Higgins announcing the exact amount of money that was stolen from 9,000 of their customers’ accounts, which was £2.5million.

The number of users that were affected has been corrected from 20,000 to 9,000, and the conclusion for them is that all of their money has been reestablished and nothing concerning their personal details has been compromised.

While suffering from a loss of more than 2 million pounds, the bank would also face a fine of over 1.9bn pounds for the hack under EU’s forthcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), in order to prevent futher threats concerning user’s personal data.

News Coverage

BBC – Used the article to give useful advice how to protect your bank account for the people that are facing this problem or eventually will face it in the future.

The Guardian – Focus on the opinions of members from different security centers, which also confirmed that they are making everything possible to find out who is responsible for the attack.

The Sun – Presented different point of view, saying that behind the cyber-attack is standing Russia. But the article was not backed up with enough evidence concerning this statement and probably would not be taken into serious consideration.

The Mail Online – Informed their audience about the situation using a more personal approach, backed up with interviews with the victims of the crime. They also confirm that the attacks could be tracked overseas to Brazil and Spain.

The Telegraph – Reported information concerning mostly the investigation of the crime, which is led by National Crime Agency. They also added a graph statistic regarding the  online criminal activity that was detected through the weekend.


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