Media Monitoring Assessment

Media Monitoring 1 – Introduction

The cyber-attack over the Tesco Bank

Summary of the story

Early this week, thousands of accounts have been compromised after one of the biggest cyber attacks in Britain has been made on the Tesco Bank.

Many of the users were concerned what is happening and why hundreds of pounds are missing from their accounts, but the Tesco Bank’s staff refuse to reveal the exact amount of money that has been taken in total.

More than 20,000 customers were affected, some of which reported for transactions made overseas which led to a criminal investigation by The National Crime Agency.

Details about the situation

After spotting the suspicious transactions, the bank’s specialists suspended the online
transactions and texted to the affected users in order to prevent them from panicking over the situation.

transaction text.png

The customers are able to withdraw their money from ATMs and shop with their cards, but the head of the bank Benny Higgins announced that until the resolving of the problem, the online transactions would not be possible.

 News Coverage

BBC – Used a delicate approach to report the story, without mentioning the “H” (Hacked) word like the Executive Chief of the Bank. The useful information they included is advice for the bank users who want to prevent themselves from such cyber attacks in the future.

The Telegraph – Used statistics and examples for the reasons why the bank was hacked. One of which is the timing of the cyberattack, they say that the banks are more likely to be a target at the weekends.

The Independent – Decided to focus more on the people`s opinion about the situation using different tweets and quotes, which could be a good strategy to reach easily to the audience.

The Guardian – Reported the cyber attack by using clear major points, which makes the reading of the article much easier. In the evening of the 7th of November, they provided a more detailed update on the situation and included some information about the statement of Benny Higgins for the BBC. The outstanding thing in their report compared to the other newspapers is a question they added, made like a quiz, from which you can give or receive feedback if you are one of the victims at this or other case connected cyberattacks.

Predictions for the future of the story

–    It will be clarified whether the people would get their lost money back, and if there is going to be some kind of compensation for the victims of the attack.


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