Media consumption

There are a lot of positive outcomes from the use of the networks on the web, but there are a lot of negative ones. For me I can say that sometimes I go too far with the social applications, spending more than two or three hours on them. The positive outcome from this is that I socialize with different people, from different countries, but the adverse is that I lose so much time, staring at my phone or my laptop, which causes miscommunication with the people around me. I started to observe myself and the time I spend on important things and news and how much on irrelevant ones.

The first thing that I do when I open my eyes in the morning is to check my phone. I start with my social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, I watch the Snapchat stories connected with events or people nearby and after that, I open Twitter to check about more worldwide information. When I am traveling to university, I check the political news in the Guardian and the BBC, I read the newspapers when I have an opportunity, but mostly I read everything online.

During the day I check Twitter, for some new updates about what is happening in the UK and the USA, and the social networks, to watch what my friends or celebrities are doing. At dinner time I watch TV, but not to inform myself, but to watch reality shows or movies. Before I go to bed I quickly check Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat after that I read a book or fall asleep, watching TV shows.

I notice that I don`t listen to the radio or watch TV as much as I search things and updates on my phone, tablet or on the laptop. Maybe this is something that the new generation is used to because the telephones are like a continuation of our hands and we look at them in 99% of our time.

There are a lot of pros and cons in the media consumption, but if everyone is capable of balancing with the entertainment stuff as much as the useful ones, he will reach the perfect media diet for himself.


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