I created my twitter account a week ago, but when I started using it, I saw what this social media represents, I can certainly say that this is one of the most useful networks on the web.On the one hand, you keep up with every kind of news and on the other you can find things you are interested in and just relax. At first, I was not really sure what I am doing, but I followed the steps that the site provides and the result was Me following 100+ twitter accounts, and I just could not stop.With every page or person I followed, there appeared 5 other profiles and most of them were connected with news or events that are exciting for me. After my tiny euphoria, I had the chance to look into the pages that made me the biggest impressions and I found out that they release new feed every 10 minutes and less, so now I can say that I am a little obsessed with Twitter.

Here are my 5 number 1 accounts on Twitter:

  1. NatGeo – This is one of my favorite magazines because they post about the nature and the history all over the world, it is amazing that I have the opportunity to keep an eye on their feed on the web.
  2. Guardian– I read their articles in their app, but in twitter, they highlight the most interesting ones.
  3.  Jk_rowling – No words needed.
  4. WomensHealthMag – I find their account really impressive because they share different important things about the daily routine that every female should know about.
  5.  Cnnbrk – CNN shares the breaking news that happened in the very moment, so in order to be always updated it is good to follow their account.
  6. KevinHart4real – For me, he is one of the best comedians I have ever seen, and whenever I am in a bad mood, I look at his twitter posts to cheer me up and make my day a little better.

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