Introduction to Journalism

Are the new “new” journalists better than the “old”ones at finding the great materials?

The technologies took over almost every aspect of our lives,as a result more and more journalists read less than the ones that worked in the nontechnological times.

Every journalist should start paying attention to reading as much as he pays to writing, not only because he feeds his curiosity in that way,but because he accomplishes knowledge about current situations all around the world. Social media such as twitter,facebook or online blogging is filled with unnecessary posts,therefore the professional writers are concern that because of the huge web influence, the true journalism is going to waste.

On the one side, there are writers and journalists that lived in times where they had to discover news and information, without having the opportunity to “google” it, but to call to different sources,knocking on doors, or tap on someone`s shoulder,to get the things they wanted. And maybe because of the effort they have put in the discovering of something, today they are not capable of adjusting themselves to the new world.

On the other side,the financial journalist Felix Salmon provides a different perspective in his article “Teaching journalists to read”, in which he says that the students are more capable of writing than in reading,but he argues with whose who say that the web is useless and the old methods of finding information are better.He suggests that the journalism has become more viral with all of the posts made on the web,then with the ones put in the newspaper. That is why critical reading is needed,as a journalist everyone should be able to get an interview or to find the information he needs,without having to go to the other side of the world to do it.

Today is much easier to get information about everything,but it is harder to find people that are ready to investigate and to dig deep in order to find the good material.You may be good in writing,but if you read only the things you are told to or write grammatically correct,but superficially,then you won`t be able to feel the passion of writing and being a real journalist.


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