Obesity VS. Healthy lifestyle

https://soundcloud.com/debora-kirilova-842039143/obesity-vs-healthy-lifestyle We are living in a world that provides access to all types of food, but having everything is not always the best option, especially when it can danger your health. Have you ever wondered, what can you do to protect your body from many horrible diseases? The answer is right in front of you… Continue reading Obesity VS. Healthy lifestyle

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Online abuse can and will ruin your life

https://soundcloud.com/user-595320614/when-online-abuse-ruins-your-life Cyber-bullying, an already persistent issue, is escalating. It is beyond awful and difficult to handle. Online harassment often leads to different devastating consequences, such as suicide or depression issues that last a lifetime. Cyber bullying involves harassing someone consistently and repeatedly by passing hostile, judgmental, horrid and sometimes even threatening messages on the victim’s… Continue reading Online abuse can and will ruin your life

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Malaysia bans Disney film due to ‘gay moment’ (First Audio Exercise)

https://soundcloud.com/debora-kirilova-842039143/audio-exercise-1   The release of Disney’s latest film Beauty and the Beast has been delayed indefinitely in Malaysia due to it featuring a “gay scene”. Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, film censorship board chairman, commented that he was unaware of the postponing of the film. The film had been approved by the board apart from a minor… Continue reading Malaysia bans Disney film due to ‘gay moment’ (First Audio Exercise)